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 Extra Music Activities | おまけの音楽問題

In  the  original  project,  I  did  a  dance  lesson  with  the  students  at  the  end  of  stage  4.  However,  Japanese  teachers  using  this  resource  in  their  classrooms  will  not  be  able  to  do  this  part  of  the  project.  So  instead,  I  have  prepared  2  possible  extension  listening  activities  for  them.Both  are  derived  from  songs  written  by  Caribbean  artists


One Love 

‘One Love’ by Bob Marley (reggae music)

This song is slow enough for the students to follow and its message is close to that of the project topic. Therefore, I have prepared a gap-fill activity for this.

 ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley (レゲエ音楽)



Video Links: One Love
Lyrics / 歌詞                     
Song / 歌

Music Artist
Bob Marley (English)
ボブ・マーリー (日本語)

Music Genre
Reggae Music (English)
レゲエ音楽 (日本語)

It's Carnival

‘It’s Carnival’ by Destra Garcia (soca music)

This song is very fast and contains a lot of slang, so it is not easy for students to follow. However, it gives the students a good indication of the kind of music played during the Notting Hill Carnival. Therefore I have prepared a grammar and vocabulary activity for this

 ‘It’s Carnival’ by Destra Garcia(ソカ音楽)