“Hi there! This website is to raise inter-cultural understanding, which is essential for our globalised world. Therefore, I have made all the lesson materials FREE to download! Please help yourself!!

こんにちは! このウェブサイトは、グローバル化した世界に欠かせない異文化理解を高めることを目的としています。だからこそ、すべての授業教材は無料でダウンロードできるようにしました!どうぞご自甶にお使い下さい!!

Welcome! ようこそ!


‘What Colour Are Your Senses?’ (WCAYS) is a guide to help Japanese school students explore the international world.

Two senior high schools (Inawashiro and Asaka Kaisei) had organised international day events for their students and they asked me participate. I decided I would teach the students different Caribbean dances and I wrote the booklet as an introduction to the dance activity. The booklet (2005 version) was then translated into Japanese by my colleagues at the time. It received a lot of praise at the time from my Japanese colleagues. So, I have now created a revised version of the booklet with more up-to-date references and I believe it would be still a very popular resource for Japanese Teachers of English and their students. 


「あなたの感覚は何色ですか」(WCAYS) は、日本の学生の国際社会探訪を手助けするためのガイドです。